A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Marmoreal is a fantasy top down shooter inspired by HeXen and Touhou

Remade in Unity because I'm not good at programming


Marmoreal Windows Demo 83 MB
Marmoreal Linux Demo 86 MB
Marmoreal Mac OS X Demo 88 MB


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update pleaseeee

update pleaseeee

Very fun to play!


this is such a good game!!

release when

I got to wave 23! Octava is OP!


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I made a video of getting to wave 18!

See the video description for some feedback.

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Very fun! I got to wave 15 before dying.

What do the stats mean? I just stacked only "Power" except for 3 points in "Ferocity".

Edit: I got to wave 18. I'm uploading a video of it right now!

Cute game, reminds me of playing those old flash games on sites like Newgrounds.