A downloadable game

The Game

Based on the Nexus Wars custom game from Starcraft 2, and similar Tug-of-War style games and mods. You build units and send them into combat in waves, where they will fight the opposing waves and push forwards to victory.

Your Commander
You take the role of Dame Camille, Knight of the Lily and member of the Melkirian nobility. As leader of your own personal army, your charge is to wage war against the enemies of Melkirion.

Your Army
You command the Army of the Lily, men and women sworn to fight and die to accomplish your objectives. However, your army is not infinite. Sending in soldiers requires supply, which you gain over time. You can spend supply to either commission units or improve your supply lines for more supply income.

Swordsmen are effective melee combatants.

Crossbowmen are rapid-firing ranged units.

Gunners are heavy ranged hitters, but reload slowly. Their shots damage all enemies in a straight line.

Officers are great melee combatants who provide damage buffs to nearby allies. Said buffs stack, making multiple officers more effective when fighting together.

Medics are similar to crossbowmen, but provide healing to nearby allies. Said healing stacks, making multiple medics more effective.